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: indicator stalk

07-04-2011, 19:58
need a little help in how to remove the indicator stalk....
i have read the tutorial on removing the steering wheel so its after that i need help...
why ?...cos i got a cruise control switch but i aint got a clue as to how to swap them...i can get it programmed easily but just need to fit it first...
its on a 1.3 cdti van on a '57' plate

08-04-2011, 20:25
Right, remove the column surround (2 screws behind black covers behind the steering wheel and 1 T20 Torx screw underneath) first. If you look at the bottom of the indicator stalk there's a small narrow groove, insert a long thin rod, l used welding wire and gently pull on the stalk and it should pop out. Insert the new stalk and insert the wiring plug into the obvious socket. Rebuild and voila!