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Thread: DRL/side light issue

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    DRL/side light issue

    I had LED drl side light fitted on my Corsa D 1.2 limited edition 61 plate, they use to work fine and now one has a problem with it, one of the side light the driver side is playing about, sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't. On DRL setting both of them works and when i turn the side light on the driver side goes off.

    So now i have changed both of the LED DRL bulbs to standards bulbs (originals). for a day or two both of them were working fine on all settings as they should. Last night the passenger side starting to play about now. On DRL setting both left and right works and when i turn the side light or headlights on the passenger side light goes off.

    What could be the cause of the issue.. what should i be looking for ..?

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    I've been fiddling with DRLs lately - more about why later. Hope the following is helpful.
    The combined DRL/sidelight bulb is a 2 filament affair (21W/5W). When no lights are on but the engine (ignition) is on, the 21W element is lit, when you select sidelights the 21W goes out and the 5W comes on. Select headlights and the 5W remains lit.
    I think you have 2 different problems - if the passenger side is consistently out when you choose sidelights or headlights, the the filament has probably gone - swap the bulbs over left<-> right and the issue will probably now be on the drivers side.
    Re the drivers side intermittent problem, I'd suspect a contact. You'll see that the bulb holder has 3 metal electrical contacts round the edge: one common (ground) and one each for the 21W feed and the 5W feed. I'd clean them up, unfortunately the corresponding contacts they mate with are very inaccessible as they are just inside the headlight unit. I have something similar to this that is magic for contact cleaning:

    However, I'd also have a look at the main connector block on the back of that headlight unit (as that's what carries the current to the contacts on the bayonet bulb carrier). On each light unit just disconnect and reconnect it a couple of times to 'wipe' the contacts.

    And now my own question (this'll appear in it's own thread if no-one replies here unless someone can point me at a thread that already asks this) - my DRL only ever worked on one side due to a blown filament (only had the car 2 weeks). I was about to replace it BUT a couple of days ago the other one went and I checked the filament and it's fine. Next logical place to check is the fuses but the manual doesn't seems to list which fuses are for which lights except main beam.
    Anyone know which fuse runs the DRLs?

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