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Thread: What is this tool?

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    What is this tool?

    Hey guys

    Just a quick one. I was given this tool today but not sure what it's full use is.

    It seems to be a regular 1/2" extension but it also has a 1/2" sliding drive attached to it. Is this used as a form of storage on the extension bar, so u can keep a second socket close at all times? Any ideas / names would be greatClick here to enlarge

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    It looks like a combination of a sliding t bar and socket extension.

    This is a sliding t-bar;
    Click here to enlarge

    Its a little like a breaker bar so you can move the socket to the end to get more leverage, then move the socket to the middle of the bar to spin the nut off quicker.

    Normally you'd just use a more "modern" tool instead (e.g. rachet spanner, breaker and socket rachet or combination of those)

    But in answer to your question it looks like they've tried to combine 2 tools...if it has no brand name on then then it'll be a cheap tool some designer though was a good idea but isn't actually.

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