Replacing an ECU on a 2007 Z13DTJ Corsa D

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Thread: Replacing an ECU on a 2007 Z13DTJ Corsa D

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    Replacing an ECU on a 2007 Z13DTJ Corsa D

    Hi all,
    I'm after some advice please. I have a 2007 Corsa D Life 5 door Z13DTJ. I've had the car for 7 years now and it's been fine but the ECU got water in it 3 months ago and fried itself. I sent it off for repair and the repairer kept it and didn't return my money. I'm having an argument with Ebay about getting my money back, but I don't have my ECU.

    Can I just buy a second hand ECU from a donor car with the same ECU code? I know I have to program in the 4x Diesel Injectors, but is that it or are the BCM and ECU linked to each other?

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    Hi mate, I had the exact same problem on my 1.7 CDTi. Such a stupid place to put the ECU. What I done was bought a second hand ECU from a trusted parts dealer (cost around £500). Sent it off to an ECU repair company in Stoke called ECU express, who reprogrammed it to match the old faulty ECU. I also asked him to remap it, which knocked about 1 second off the 0-60 time (don’t know official bhp figure as it was a bench remap). This whole process cost around £400 (£250 for remap £150 for reprogram). He however stupidly didn’t reseal the ECU so I had to do this myself.

    Note* my car has a Denso ECU (not Bosch) which is notably more difficult to reprogram and remap. Yours might be different.

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