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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by corsaez Click here to enlarge
    So it's been awhile since I updated, to be honest, I've not done anything or bought anything to be able to update this. I've been working like mad and not having much time to do anything else.
    What I can say is, Gina is performing well and I'm loving driving the car as it is. I'm still wanting to get a remap done to get the most out of the engine, but I've not had time to go see anyone yet.
    I'm trying my best to keep Gina clean and looking her best , but the weather is always undoing my efforts. Lol

    The only thing I'm looking to do this weekend, is to fit my subwoofer and amp in the boot, I'm missing the bass. The oem stereo and speakers are really good, but they don't give that low end bass I like. Again, this will get done if the weather is good.
    I'm not sure if to put pics up of fitting the sub and amp, I might do, I'll decide as I'm doing it.
    Hey keep plodding on with it trying to keep forum al9ve. Th8nk would be good to see some pics of the job may be handy for.sp.eone. glad she's running well and.i..with you regarding the weather. I need to get one last.clean in b4 really bad weather hits.

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    I have noticed a drop in comments/questions etc etc on the forum.
    If I do fit my sub and amp into Gina at the weekend, I’ll post some pictures up. It is a modification to the car I suppose.

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