Fitting water temperature sensor and gauge

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Thread: Fitting water temperature sensor and gauge

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    Fitting water temperature sensor and gauge

    Hi all!

    I have a 2011 petrol Corsa (A14XER). I have bought a water temperature gauge. I want to fit the sensor, but where should i fit it? Can anyone advise me? Upper hose from radiator? Or? Thanks!

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    A car without a temperature gauge is a problem I agree. If you look on Ebay, there are aluminium adaptors available and you install it into the top hose. Different diameters are available depending on the hose internal diameter.
    But - - - - as far as I know, you already have a water "temperature gauge". If you do a search on this forum for Hidden Menu it will tell you how to access this, also on YouTube, there are several videos giving a description of how to show water temp, charging voltage etc, etc.

    On my Corsa, with engine running, press the trip button 4 times and Hold it Down on 4th press.

    After about 8 seconds ( seems ages ), the trip readings alter - let go of trip button.
    Then, press Trip Button again 5 times and the reading given is constant water temp.

    When engine is turned off, trip reverts to normal so you need to repeat the procedure each journey.

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