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    Petrol Smell In Morning

    Hi, Over the last 3 mornings, there's a slight smell of petrol when I get into the car. The smell remains for about 10 minutes of driving and then no smell all day. But the smell's back the next morning, after it's been sitting in driveway overnight. I've checked the driveway and can't see any signs of a leak. Checked the petrol cap too. It started the morning after I had to park in front of student housing when I went to an evening class. Could this smell occur if someone's jammed the exhaust (next thing to check)?
    Any advice is appreciated.

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    As silly as this sounds, check you've tightened the petrol cap. Mine used to vibrate loose. Also check the rubber seal around the cap, they are know to perish, thus letting fuel vapour escape and blow back into the car. If that doesn't solve your problem, then I'd check the exhaust isn't blowing, as this can also cause a fuel smell to enter the car. If that doesn't solve it, then it could be an injector leaking overnight, Making the engine rich in the morning until it warms up, causing the fuel smell to slowly disappear after.
    Just some ideas to try, let us know how you get on.

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