Strut top mounts ?

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Thread: Strut top mounts ?

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    Strut top mounts ?

    What is your preferred manufacturer for suspension strut top mounts ? Or even which NOT to get.

    Seems I have got to replace one of these on drivers side. Almost all are manufacturers I have never heard of. Only done 35,000 miles, just over.

    Corsa D 1.4 SE 2011 5 door .

    Thank you.
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    I'm not surprised no-one has replied.

    There seems to be several different 'types' for my vehicle ! Why have Vauxhall done this ?

    Is there a definitive way I can ascertain which top mount I need, before taking off the suspension strut ? Otherwise it's suspension strut off, and then ordering the part I need. Seems madness to me.

    Euro carparts have no pic for one they say fits my car. Another company Parts in Motion, show an entirely different looking top mount to the one most others show.
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    I've plumped for a Corteco top mount.

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    Another oddity by Vauxhall is the need for obscure spanners to do the top mount. To hold the suspension strut spline, I need a 9mm ring spanner whilst the top nut in the engine bay is 18mm ring spanner. Obviously another way to make 'customers' having to go to main dealers to get jobs done on their cars ?

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    So I've put on a new strut top mount a Corteco. A new drop link , a Delphi .

    Spring and strut checked OK. Brake shoes checked.

    But the noise is still there, especially when driving over cobbled roads.

    Can't be much else to check ?

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