Good morning.

Been having a problem with my nearside front wheel. I changed the control arm and drop links last October and all was fine, then in January I replaced the front tyres. When I was driving home my nearside tyre started to rub on the wheel arch if I went over a bump/dip/pothole etc. I put this down to different tyres so I ignored it and carried on. I got to April and noticed the inner edge of my front tyres were worn down to the fabric, the nearside more than the offside, the centre to outer edge of the tyre had loads of tread still. As it was the inner edge I put it down to alignment. I replaced the tyres and got the tracking done but the front nearside still rubs, nowhere near as much but its still doing it. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be. Can't be control arm surely as it's new, can deteriorated anti roll bar bushes cause this sort of problem. The suspension sits level on both sides so the springs and struts are OK (I think).