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  1. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Looks brill mate. Bet you are super chuffed. Get the alternator sorted. Those under trays are so annoying. What are your plans now? They rims turned out so well
  2. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Very nice.
  3. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Glad you didn’t rush it and stick anything on half arsed. Definitely get a set of lock nuts. How about the pics of the refurbed rims?
  4. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    That’s brill. You got them for a steal. There are deals to be had on eBay. Nice one.
  5. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Eibach are simply the best. Tested on the actual cars. Must feel brand new. Those shocks were dodgy as hell from what you were saying. Probably bouncing up over bumps. The rainsport 3’s are decent too. Good for British weather with a wicked tread pattern. When will we see your restored rims?
  6. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Looking forward to pics.
  7. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Brill how are you finding them now?
  8. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Nice touch
  9. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Looks good man. Vag cars all the way.
  10. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    They are also decent tyres you’ve mentioned. I edited my post with some other options.
  11. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    The alloys look diamond cut. You should try to avoid these alloys as they are I Biach if you scratch them. The whole cut section has to be redone each time. They do look nice though. Please put on some decent rubber. A good tyre that won’t break the bank is Nokian ZLine. They get great reviews...
  12. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    What a pitty about the rear shocks not coming. I would be having a word there with them. Push for some form of compensation on the price of the shocks. Looking forward to pics
  13. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Definitely post some pics up once you’ve got the new suspension. No doubt it’ll aid braking and handling. Definitely a good setup. The power gains look good but it’s going to put more stress on your turbo especially. Check what hoses need replaced and check the clips if there are any badly...
  14. Clutch pedal won't go down / into gear

    What’s the mileage. Maybe a new clutch is due. How does the clutch feel now
  15. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Sometimes width and length can be a issue but should be all good hopefully
  16. Gina. (Gt tdi golf)

    Other Cars
    Love doing this sort of thing. Figuring out what can fit is all the more fun. Have you done the number plate lights yet?
  17. Help! Rear middle seat belt

    Let’s try avoid brining old threads back to life. Circa 2015.
  18. Wiper arm problem

    General Chat
    Glad you got sorted in the end.
  19. 3 door, seat issue.

    I remember mine doing this. Would only happen intermittently. Think I used white grease on mine and it did the trick.
  20. Good afternoon people

    Newbies Lounge
    Welcome mate.
1-20 of 439 Results