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  1. Other Car Chat
    Hi all. Late July last year I bought a 1.7 CDTi SRi (the one with 130 bhp). Some websites say it does 0-60 in 8.9 seconds, and others have said 9.5, however using this little gps 0-60 tool I have I usually get around 7.9s. I was just wondering if anyone else gets exceptional performance from...
  2. Modifications
    Hey, so about 2 months ago i bought a 130bhp 1.7 SRi in white, i want to push it up to a stage 1 with a DPF and EGR delete however a few of my friends are warning me that the gearbox on the 1.7 is extremely weak and will most likely break once it starts running that extra power. I was just...
  3. General Chat
    looking to get some chav noises out of my diesel wagon. new to the car world so not sure where to start.
1-3 of 3 Results