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  1. General Chat
    I have a corsa D 1.7 and for the past week the car has been playing up. it's idling really funny the car is shaking,It also goes into limp mode and the engine cuts off. i was driving home today and the car lost all power and came to a stop, i left it for 5mins and started it back up it idled for...
  2. Mechanical
    Right straight to the point, have a 2011 1.7 diesel corsa with a rake of problems but the main one is that it struggles to start when it's been sitting for over a day. When you turn the ignition on the fuel pump keeps going for over 5 minutes, and if u try to start the car before it fully primes...
  3. General Chat
    Hi guys Car been going great now takes about 40 attempts to get it to start various codes stored .Key decoding itself etc