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  1. Your Corsa D
    Hi all, New to here, Just got myself a 2011 SRi 130 break three months ago. First time having a corsa and i wont lie im loving it. But i would like more power (as we all do). Fairly new to the car scene also, figured the best way to learn about cars and tuning would be to just go ahead and do...
  2. Mechanical
    Got a 2008 corsa d 1.7 just done glow plugs head gasket timing belt and water pump got it all back together starts up and sounds fine at first gets to around 80 degrees and starts hunting bleed injectors over and over again someone said could be faulty injector but how could that happen when the...
  3. Other Car Chat
    Hi all. Late July last year I bought a 1.7 CDTi SRi (the one with 130 bhp). Some websites say it does 0-60 in 8.9 seconds, and others have said 9.5, however using this little gps 0-60 tool I have I usually get around 7.9s. I was just wondering if anyone else gets exceptional performance from...
  4. Modifications
    Hey, so about 2 months ago i bought a 130bhp 1.7 SRi in white, i want to push it up to a stage 1 with a DPF and EGR delete however a few of my friends are warning me that the gearbox on the 1.7 is extremely weak and will most likely break once it starts running that extra power. I was just...
  5. General Chat
    I have a corsa D 1.7 and for the past week the car has been playing up. it's idling really funny the car is shaking,It also goes into limp mode and the engine cuts off. i was driving home today and the car lost all power and came to a stop, i left it for 5mins and started it back up it idled for...
  6. Mechanical
    Right straight to the point, have a 2011 1.7 diesel corsa with a rake of problems but the main one is that it struggles to start when it's been sitting for over a day. When you turn the ignition on the fuel pump keeps going for over 5 minutes, and if u try to start the car before it fully primes...
  7. General Chat
    Hi guys Car been going great now takes about 40 attempts to get it to start various codes stored .Key decoding itself etc
1-7 of 7 Results