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  1. Tutorials
    Hi all, service said to keep an eye on spark plugs. Around 68,000 miles still original spark plugs. Checked them and they look in decent condition, should I replace anyway? Couldn't see any water corrosion either. Thoughts are much appreciated!
  2. Exterior
    Hey can anyone help me with these gaps on the car? I’ve tried readjusting the bonnet but every time these gaps are still here. Any suggestions?
  3. General Chat
    Evening, Have a corsa here last night the car would not go into gear. At first couldn't select 1st or reverse. Then 1st 3rd 5th reverse. Then 2nd 4th And then none of which could be selected. Switched the car off and 10 minutes later car could select gears again like normal. Braking and...
  4. Mechanical
    Hi All, Would you be able to give me an idea how much this would cost to get fixed plus average labour please, this is on a 2010 Corsa SXI 1.4 Petrol- Just trying to get an understanding how much this would cost so I don't get ripped by the garage :) 1. When accelerating, the car appears to...
1-4 of 4 Results