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  1. Other Car Chat
    Hi there, I recently upgraded my Corsa D stereo so I could have Bluetooth and DAB. It was all fitted well but I can no longer turn the stereo on with the engine off. This is very annoying because I do tend to be waiting around in the car quite often and like to listen to the radio. The company...
  2. General Chat
    I had an old wheel and it didn’t have controls I brought a new one with controls and installed it wiring everything that was there hoping it would work on my aftermarket pioneer stereo but none of the controls input anything is there more wiring needed or is it just a case of telling the car it...
  3. Interior
    Good Evening, I have just purchased a Ex-police Corsa D 2013 (1.3 CDTI If this makes any difference) and I Have repaired to broken vents ect as well as upgrading the interior lights and adding rear interior lights. The latest project I am on is fitting a PIoneer SPH-EVO62DAB Radio but my...
1-3 of 3 Results