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  1. General Chat
    Anyone got a spare air filter housing or even just to top part lying about?
  2. Modifications
    I have a 1.2 2009 corsa with a ram air induction kit and want to know what a remap would do to the performance of the car? And how it would affect my insurance as an 18 year old who’s been driving since February
  3. General Chat
    I’m hoping to make my 1.0 corsa exite sound a bit better. I don’t really have the money atm to buy a new exhaust. Are air filters any good? I don’t want anything too loud.
  4. Modifications
    Has anyone fitted a ramair foam air filter . If so where did you put and was there been any issues of the engine overheating or getting damaged
  5. General Chat
    Hi, I have a Corsa D 2009 1.2 SXI and I was wondering where this goes in these Corsas as in my previous car it was meant to be attached to a breather hose pipe but I cannot seem to find it in the Corsa engine bay.
1-5 of 5 Results