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    Hello everyone. Just bought a 2012 corsa active it has the bigger middle screen and the CD30 MP3 head unit, it says no phone but as I’m getting on in years I have absolutely no idea how to get to the Bluetooth settings on the stereo. Possibly will add a better head unit like the Pioneer...
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    Edit: We found a solution!! I brought my corsa of a family friend as my first car. its a 2012 Corsa with eco something (I don't know much about cars) from my research it doesn't have Bluetooth what's fine for me I don't really need it however I need 2 'cigarettes' charger things as I was...
  3. Interior
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2011 SXI 1.4 Corsa and was wondering if anyone else knew if there was bluetooth built in on their models? I ask this as the guy who sold it said there was but I haven't been able to connect or know how to as the manual isn't present. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results