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central locking
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  1. General Chat
    Hi guys, I have just bought a Vauxhall Corsa 2008 1.2, but have a problem with the central locking which has confused me. The key doesn't unlock the car using the buttons, so I have to insert the key into the door to unlock the car. I have changed the battery, tried to sync the key to the car...
  2. Mechanical
    Hi all, I’m trying to change the driver side door mechanism in my corsa d. Using you tube videos to help me along the way I have managed to remove the old unit. But when removing the hook and spring fell off and I can’t find anything to show me where it was positioned so I can put it back on the...
  3. Welcome To Corsa-D|UK
    Tailgate central locking is not working. Fuse is OK. I have replaced the Tailgate Solenoid, I have eliminated the boot switch by shorting with wire. All 4 doors work fine with the remote fob and dashboard switch. Just the tailgate is faulty - and so is my back from climbing through the rear...
1-3 of 3 Results