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  1. General Chat
    So I just picked up a new BE after someone wrote off my old one (typical) but the dealership who dropped the car off gave me a flat battery and it wouldn't start. So after fitting a new battery I noticed the a cable 0E wasn't plugged in so I did and when trying to start the car it refused to go...
  2. Mechanical
    So I’ve just bought a corsa sxi 1.4 on finance. It’s done about 57000 miles and all seems fine apart from after journeys that involve a lot of up shifting and down shifting the up shift sensor turns off and soon after I won’t be able to put it into gear. After a seemingly random amount of time...
  3. General Chat
    Hi everyone, Had a problem with my 2013 1.2 Corsa d. When driving around and pressing and releasing the clutch pedal when changing gear, after a while the clutch pedal will not return fully and if put back in first, will completely change the bite point to being very low. I have bled the clutch...
  4. Welcome To Corsa-D|UK
    I have a 2014 Vauxhall corsa and two months ago the car began failing to go into gear, there are no recognisable times when this will happen. I have done long trips and the car has driven fine and then the next day the car is awful to drive having to force the car into gear and it completely...
  5. General Chat
    I've got an 07 corsa life 1.0, 32k on the clock. The problem I got is when moving off in 1st gear, the car shakes until the clutch is fully lifted. The clutch cant be worn at 32k surely? Can anyone help me with this?
1-5 of 5 Results