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  1. Your Corsa D
    I've read 3.0 litres but wanted to check. I was thinking of putting about 3.2 litres in?
  2. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    i’ve got no power to my cig lighter, i changed the fuse assuming it was that but with no luck i decided to take off the cig port to find that there aren’t any cables attached. i have taken off the radio to see if they are hanging loose but i can’t seem to find any black and brown cables like i...
  3. Mechanical
    Hey this is my first post so if there’s any information you need please ask i’ll try to provide as much as i can. I bought this second hand corsa 1.0 for my first car had it for a few months now. started to notice when driving randomly the engine would switch and my power would be cut in half...
  4. Mechanical
    Hello, Just took my car in as the engine was making a noise. The mechanic has said the timing chain needs replacing and said its a big job. I've called him as he said he need to price it up but still waiting on parts costs. He said he's not done a 1L Turbo Corsa before but thinks it will cost...
  5. Interior
    Hi, I own a Corsa Active 2009, with the orignal radio. However the steering wheel buttons do not work to turn volume up/down etc. The lights turn on on the buttons when the headlights are on and stuff, and dim off properly. Is there something i am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
1-5 of 5 Results