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  1. Mechanical
    Hi guys. I've got a Corsa d 1.3cdti 2008. My first post here so please go easy. May be a straight forward answer. Got the eml on dash and a quick scan shows egr flow issue. My dad adv me to get some wynns egr cleaner. Where do I spray it? Previous cars have had manifold on top so I...
  2. General Chat
    Hi peoples, I drive a Corsa D 2012 1.2 exoflex diesel. When i start the engine before and after work it sounds like misfiring, you can also feel the engine shake. It recovers after 10 seconds. I have already replaced all 4 glow plugs but this did not resolve the problem. Does anyone have...
  3. Mechanical
    As the title says the turbo is leaking oil from the wastegate actuator linkage. it keeps dripping out every 30 seconds when the engine is running on idle. does anyone know a fix for this or does the whole turbo need to be replaced? Video:
  4. General Chat
    Hi, Not long had this Car and it has a couple of niggles; this being one. Tried two new Batteries, so the power is available. Though when you turn the key, Zero, doesnt even try to start. The Car runs fine when started, apart from one other issue to do with cruising at low revs. Do you...
  5. General Chat
    I'm looking into replacing the Turbo on my Car, though there are many choices out there. I've got my eye on this one: My current Turbo has had its time, so I thought, just upgrade. I would like to keep the MPG reasonable, but with a little bit...
  6. Other Car Chat
    So, I need some new discs and pads for my 2012 1.3 CDTI 75 BHP but on every single website, there are two sizes. 257mm and 284mm both come up but obviously it can't be both, I can't really be bothered to measure my current discs, so if anyone knows which one is correct, that would be fantastic.
  7. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hello everyone, just joined the community. So, my TPMS light has been on since I bought my Corsa D in November 2020. The sensors have been checked and they work fine. My girlfriend's dad is a mechanic. He normally does not work with Opel's but neither he nor some tire shops he works with could...
  8. General Chat
    Hi, gunna say sorry for the lengthy post now. Also that I do not no much/anything about cars, but I’m not stupid (your question that in a minute) so I can follow/figure things out. brought a car, saved up for ages, used money my parents had left me when they both passed away. Been in a veryvery...
  9. Welcome To Corsa-D|UK
    When accelerating up to 3k revs I have a spanner and car light flash on then off instantly, please could somebody advise me where the boost pressure valve is located please and thank you
  10. Your Corsa D
    Hey everyone. I'm looking for any youtubers to watch so drop any of your links below for me please. I'm currently starting out with my channel of about 6 months. It's 95% corsa content so if anybodys interested or got any suggestions for me for videos then please feel free to reach out on here...
  11. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi my radio keeps playing up it will work fine then all of a sudden the buttons stop working and im unable to turn off via the main button or by taking key out the ignition, the screen will sometimes show the date (like it does when turned off) could it be a fuse? Or would that mean it wouldn't...
  12. Corsa D 1.3 cdti

    My 62 plate Corsa D 1.3 CDTI still in factory condition prior to me starting to mod
  13. General Chat
    my problem started as an abs light, then progressed to power steering turning off and on, revs on dash dropping to 0, fuel guage and Speedo also dropping to 0. Now it doesn’t even start, dash lights on turn key and power just dies. Changed battery and all was fine for 5 minutes, have tested...
  14. Modifications
    I gotta corsa d ctdi 1.3 limited edition with a cobra exhaust venom straight pipe on and it sounds like a normal exhaust does anyone know why? Spent 230£🙃
  15. General Chat
    Hi there all! looking to sell my racechip or the 1.3 CDTI 75ps, happily taking offers As well as Apex 40mm lowering springs all round (only done 3000 miles) I have a standard back box that anyone is welcome to come pick up too £20 and it’s yours I also have the standard springs, a pair of unused...
  16. Mechanical
    So I have purchased a 56 plate (2007) 1.3CDTI. Its the z13dtj engine. I brought it remapped, apparently by midland remaps, no proof, but deffo been remapped, told it was 110hp 175ftlb which is about what the motor does stage 1. 1 major problem with the car was.... It didn't start properly...
  17. Mechanical
    Hi everyone, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I’m not sure where this is meant to go. I had changed my oil and oil filter yesterday and today I’ve got a red engine oil pressure light. The engine also smells a little like it’s burning. I’ve noticed a drip over this area which I’ve...
  18. Mechanical
    I have a corsa d 1.3 cdti (90 bhp) it was running rough so did abit of research and found out it was the injector seals I’ve been able to get 3 of them loose to come out but one of them is stuck/ seized. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas or ways I could get it out . Many thanks
1-19 of 19 Results