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  1. General Chat
    Hey guys before I start cars is 2014 Corsa D 1.4 SRI come with cruise control. Recently the car has had a new clutch + Slave (Gearbox Out) And also a new master cylinder (Pedal box out) Since then the cruise control has not worked on the car. I think also the light for 'change gear' the...
  2. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi, I am trying to enable cruise control on a 1.2 2012 Corsa D. I have bought a clone opcom with a genuine Pic chip, On the version that is supplied with the programmer the engine is not seen,it is a XER meaning that the program variant is not avalible until i get to the 160115a but with no...
  3. Modifications
    Hi I'm having an issue getting opcom working on my laptop (win 10), I get the standard "no power" error message when I connect everything up. I've previously been told I have the wrong driver installed for the OBD converter I have. I think the one I purchased requires a 2012 driver but to be...
1-3 of 3 Results