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  1. General Chat
    Any experts out there who might be able to suggest what's causing all these fault codes (see pics)? The car isn't worth much but I need it to run until July and can't afford expensive repairs. In the last few days the amber coil light has also started flashing on start up, after a long drive...
  2. Mechanical
    Hi all, Recently had my egr valve on my 1.3 2012 CDTi EcoFlex 75hp changed and a new radiator fitted. This made the engine light which was on all the time beforehand switch off. Next day, the service spanner light came on whilst driving. Plugged in the fault code reader and no faults were...
  3. Mechanical
    Hi there, In dire need of some advice: my corsa d is having issues with a faulty EGR that’s stuck open. I had the dpf forced regened by a specialist after the car failed to regen itself and presented the flashing coil light for £230 before I get my new EGR fitted. I was supposed to get the...
  4. General Chat
    Hi all, Recently had p0400 come up on the EML and kept clearing it and it would stay off for around 100-500 miles before throwing again. Fast forward to last week it came on very quick and almost instantly and this time is throwing p0403. So im thinking time to get this sorted. P0400 Is back...
1-4 of 4 Results