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  1. Clicking noise when accelerating then my wee car died. Could it be fixed?

    ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi there I have a wee corsa six 1.2 litre 2006. Was wondering if someone would know what caused this problem and if it is fixable? I was driving home from work the other day and was accelerating when I heard this clicking noise. I put my foot on the accelerator a number of times and the...
  2. Start up noise

    General Chat
    I have a Vauxhall Corsa D 2014 1 litre around 35,000 miles. Occasionally when starting it will make a loud noise for 2 seconds and the engine will make a sort of jump then go normal, a local garage has said it will be the timing chain than needs replacing but just wanted some other opinions. I...
  3. My opel is shaking and turning off on its own !!!!

    Hello all, I have an Opel Corsa D 1.4 petrol 2011 I am facing a problem: whenever I turn the car on while in park, after a while the car starts to shake, the rpm starts to fluctuate up and down, a whining noise can be heard, and finally the car turns off on its own. Also there is no check...
  4. High Pitched whistling noise when idling Corsa D 1.4 NA

    Hi all, My Corsa D has recently decided to give of a really loud high pitched whistle when idling and i'm after some advice of what it could be, I've checked for leaks and haven't spotted any I don't believe there are any vacuum leaks. The sound is deep in the engine, I did think I was having...
  5. eml light staying on

    hi, i am a fairly new driver so please excuse the lack of knowledge, my eml light, the one that kind of looks like plumbing, has appeared and does not seem to go when i start the car, it is a 1.2 corsa 2003. it runs absolutely fine apart from a slight sort of gurgle from the exhaust but im not...
  6. Engine mayo and loss of coolant

    General Chat
    Hi all, Got a 2009 Corsa D 1.2. Possible head gasket failure but a little bit lost if it actually is the head gasket. It is a loosing coolant but only small amounts and there is a creamy brown mayo under the oil cap but nothing on the oil stick. There doesn‘t seem to be any power loss, no...
  7. Blue Smoke From My Corsa VXR 1.6

    Hey Guys, I recently purchased a 2010 Corsa D VXR 1.6 Turbo. Unfortunately the previous owner hasn't looked after the vehicle and unfortunately now its been letting out blue smoke constantly. Previous owner straight piped the exhaust i don't know if this has any relevance. I'm being told by...