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  1. Mechanical
    Hi all I'm sure you've all seen this question a few times but I've got no idea personally, been having a issue with my engine management light coming on every few weeks. When I first scan it it will come up with the codes b0107 and p0420, but when I rescan it it just comes back with the p0420...
  2. General Chat
    Could anybody decode this error code. Main issues are lack of power, erratic idling. The car worked fine after a long 100km drive at motorway speed but the issue started again after about a day. Note the issue was present before the long drive. Video of error code...
  3. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi, just bought a 2009 Corsa 1.2. Engine check light has come on after 1day. I tried the pedal test to reveal the error code but having trouble identifying the code from the flashes. Can anyone help with this? I have copied a link to a short video which shows the flashes when doing the pedal...
1-3 of 3 Results