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  1. Welcome To Corsa-D|UK
    will a corsa d exhaust fit my fiat punto 2009 as i’ve been told a lot of things underneath are the same or similar
  2. Modifications
    I am wanting to buy a hornet exhaust for my 1.2 Corsa d , but can’t decide between the one with a bit of a silencer (backbox) or the straight through one (race bomb) , wondering if any of you have fitted this exhaust and know if the quieter one is still loud enough , as I do want it to be heard...
  3. Other Car Chat
    Hello I need some advice. I’m having to do a timing chain and head gasket replacement. Every single exhaust nut is completed rusted and there’s literally just a blob of “rusty nut” left on the studs. There isn’t really enough access too use the double nut method to remove the studs so I’ve...
  4. VXR General Chat
    Hi all, new to this forum. I have a 2014 VXR Clubsport and the exhaust has started blowing. My question is can a corsa E twin exhaust fit my corsa? Replacements for the D as sooo expensive! James
  5. Modifications
    just unsure on which one I need? the £80 one or the £130?
  6. Mechanical
    Hi was wondering if anybody has either of these exhaust as was considered buying one as would like my car to sound nice without it being too obnoxious and seen the hornet exhaust and they seen at reasonable price for the back box section and does anyone know the difference between the 2 shown...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Full and complete 3” turbo back exhaust system built for a Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nurburgring Edition, it’s the version including the turbo downpipe with sports catalytic converter, non-resonated centre sections & rear silencer with twin adjustable 4” inverted slash cut tailpipes all manufactured...
    £895 GBP
  8. General Chat
    I’m hoping to make my 1.0 corsa exite sound a bit better. I don’t really have the money atm to buy a new exhaust. Are air filters any good? I don’t want anything too loud.
  9. VXR General Chat
    Hi there, car community of the Corsa D VXR fanatics, I’m looking to get the exhaust done on my car but don’t know which way to go around about it. I’m looking to get a sports cat on the car then a further straight pipe on this what do you think of this and also would this pass the mot and...
  10. Mechanical
    Hi there, In dire need of some advice: my corsa d is having issues with a faulty EGR that’s stuck open. I had the dpf forced regened by a specialist after the car failed to regen itself and presented the flashing coil light for £230 before I get my new EGR fitted. I was supposed to get the...
  11. General Chat
    I’ve owned the car for two years but now when someone sits in the back it causes the exhaust to knock when going over speed bumps. The car is not lowered but has a sportex exhaust fitted to it. Any ideas of how I can fix this? Preferably cheaper than getting coilovers.
  12. Exterior
    Hi all. First post here, just picked up a 2013 Vauxhall Corsa D 1.2L LE in a beautiful burned orange colour. I'm wondering about getting an exhaust for it. I would like to go with a cobra system but they are a little expansive and I'm in Ireland so I would most likely have to pay import tax...
  13. Mechanical
    Hey. So I drive a 1.4 SRi which I want to make louder as cheaply as possible. I am wondering, do the 1.2 exhausts not have a centre silencer, and therefore if i fitted this to my 1.4 would it make it significantly louder at all?
  14. VXR General Chat
    All scorpions dealers are on back order. Has anyone on the off chance got a scorpion pre cat and de cat centre section for sale??
  15. General Chat
    Hi folks, The latest issue with our little 2009 Corsa D is that it's started making a loud noise (like there's a hole in the exhaust). Had a little look and there's a small water leak and fumes coming from the area pictured. Is it easy to replace? We had an engine light on and used a fuel...
  16. Modifications
    Just wondering if I need a sleeve to fit the hornet exhaust to a 1.2, if so what size ??
1-16 of 16 Results