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  1. General Chat
    Evening, Have a corsa here last night the car would not go into gear. At first couldn't select 1st or reverse. Then 1st 3rd 5th reverse. Then 2nd 4th And then none of which could be selected. Switched the car off and 10 minutes later car could select gears again like normal. Braking and...
  2. Modifications
    Hi, I have a 2012 1.2 active that im working on I would love to get some spacers but have no idea what ones to get. I don't know what size to get. Could someone tell me what sizes to get or send examples. Thanks
  3. Mechanical
    Hi everyone, My Corsa is a 1.2 16v 2010. I’ve noticed a squeaking that has gotten worse over the period of a few weeks. At first it would come and go but now it is happening all the time. The car squeaks very loudly (and embarrassingly I must add), whilst accelerating when warm. It will not...
  4. Mechanical
    Hey guys, my name is Nay, I have acquired a corsa d from my twin brother, saved it from being scrapped (2009 sxi 16v, Z12XEP) He bought it with a “thermostat issue”, drove it home and it overheated, head gasket blew. I decided I wanted to get into mechanics to try and fix it so I have a car...
  5. Interior
    Edit: We found a solution!! I brought my corsa of a family friend as my first car. its a 2012 Corsa with eco something (I don't know much about cars) from my research it doesn't have Bluetooth what's fine for me I don't really need it however I need 2 'cigarettes' charger things as I was...
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  7. Interior
    Hi, I own a Corsa Active 2009, with the orignal radio. However the steering wheel buttons do not work to turn volume up/down etc. The lights turn on on the buttons when the headlights are on and stuff, and dim off properly. Is there something i am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  8. General Chat
    hi, not long had my Corsa D, I had a Corsa C before and had a straight through from the cat back on it. Does anyone know if the straight through from the C would fit the D? Both 1.2 engines, seems a shame for the pipe to be sitting in the back garden going to waste! thank you :)
  9. Exterior
    Hi Guys, I bought my first car recently and made the mistake of not looking hard enough when I first bought the car and found some panels are slight shade difference. The door would be the most notable and the once I care about most. I wanted some advice, I just want it to be not as notable...
  10. Mechanical
    Hi all, I’m trying to change the driver side door mechanism in my corsa d. Using you tube videos to help me along the way I have managed to remove the old unit. But when removing the hook and spring fell off and I can’t find anything to show me where it was positioned so I can put it back on the...
  11. Modifications
    Hi guys im new here. I thought id seek help here as i just cant figure it out. I just bought this used Corsa D 1.4t black edition with 23k miles on it. after driving it for a day i got a engine management light and the codes read: P0172 (fuel system rich) and P1101 mass sensor out of self test...
  12. Mechanical
    I have a corsa d 1.3 cdti (90 bhp) it was running rough so did abit of research and found out it was the injector seals I’ve been able to get 3 of them loose to come out but one of them is stuck/ seized. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas or ways I could get it out . Many thanks
  13. Interior
    Im not able to put the passenger window down from the passenger side controls but can put it up from that side, however i am able to put it down and up from the drivers side. did use to work a few months back when I bought the car but seem to have stoped working at some point any ideas will be...
  14. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hello, I recently upgraded my small interior light to a big oem interior light. I wired everything up according to a wire diagramm found on the internet. Now Im missing one cable, the lamp turns on as I open my door but the small reading lamps have no function. They are not defect or...
  15. Mechanical
    So my 58 plate corse 1.3d manual has never missed a beat did a 700 mile round trip not even a hiccup! 1 month later goes to drive home from work and nothing lights are on but no one at home! Rac called messed about under the car said lose earth strap to ecu and battery got it going drove home...
1-15 of 16 Results