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  1. NEED HELP!!! with Radio ( Pioneer MVH-A210BT )

    i brought a radio a couple months ago its a Pioneer MVH-A210BT and i can't find a face plate for it. i had Halfords try and fit it and they couldn't get it to fit flush with the rest of the dash. but i cant find the right one so i was hoping someone will be able to help me out with it. The car...
  2. Help! What’s making this noise when driving

    I have uploaded a video on I’m not sure what’s making this noise and doing research it’s hard to pin it down to one thing as there seems to be many reasons that a grinding banging noise can be made. On the mot in September 2019 I had an advisory for slight play in anti roll bar linkage ball...
  3. Help Needed Car not starting

    So my 58 plate corse 1.3d manual has never missed a beat did a 700 mile round trip not even a hiccup! 1 month later goes to drive home from work and nothing lights are on but no one at home! Rac called messed about under the car said lose earth strap to ecu and battery got it going drove home...
  4. Headlight fault

    ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hello, really need some help! I have a corsa VXR 08 plate. My headlights are playing up. The inside part when the time and temperature and date is will flicker several times (it will become brighter) and then a couple minutes later it turns my headlights off sometimes the headlights will go off...