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led lights

  1. SMD conversion (NORTH WEST)

    Hi I’m looking at getting a blue SMD conversion on my corsa d 2012 Sri was looking to see If there was anyone in the north west area that could help me out. I am willing to travel
  2. Corsa D LED DRL

    General Chat
    Hello everyone just installed some LED drl bulbs in my 2012 limited edition Corsa and they started working until I started my engine and turned my lights on then they went off and never came back on This has happened 2 times with 2 sets of led drls Am I doing something wrong or is it just...
  3. Reg plate lights flickering

    Your Corsa D
    Hey guys, friend of mine recommended to change the old bulbs for LED ones (I bought Phillips 6k LEDs from amazon) problem is when one is in it works fine nice and bright but when i put two in and remove the remaining old bulb they just flicker constantly. Any ideas? I heard about a non-canbus...
  4. HELP!!! Need Help Fitting Led Footwell Lights

    ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hey I Just Bought Some Led Lights To Fit In The Footwell Of My Car But Dont Have A Clue How To Fit Them So Could Someone Please Give Me Step-By-Step Instructions.