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  1. Looking to sell some parts for 1.3 CDTI

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    Hi there all! looking to sell my racechip or the 1.3 CDTI 75ps, happily taking offers As well as Apex 40mm lowering springs all round (only done 3000 miles) I have a standard back box that anyone is welcome to come pick up too £20 and it’s yours I also have the standard springs, a pair of unused...
  2. Vxr engine in 1.2 LE

    Hi everyone, I already know what everyone will say but I need genuine advice and price estimates as I actually want to swap my engine. Everyone says just buy a vxr but I've had it less than a year and I can't be bothered with going through the whole process again, plus I've done loads of work...
  3. Want to buy corsa vxr steering wheel!!

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    Looking to buy a vxr steering wheel for my 1.4T black edition, which is in good condition and isn't obviously worn.
  4. Corsa D LED DRL

    General Chat
    Hello everyone just installed some LED drl bulbs in my 2012 limited edition Corsa and they started working until I started my engine and turned my lights on then they went off and never came back on This has happened 2 times with 2 sets of led drls Am I doing something wrong or is it just...