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  1. Your Corsa D
    I've read 3.0 litres but wanted to check. I was thinking of putting about 3.2 litres in?
  2. Your Corsa D
    I tried a T40 and it wasn't too far off a bit of play though, now I see some saying it's T45 and others T47 . Also is it torx or spline, afaik torx and spline are different standards? So T45 or T47 and torx or spline?
  3. Mechanical
    hi all, my 2010 Corsa D failed it's MOT last week for quitre a bad oil leak. From the stain on my flat's car park, looks like this might have been going on a while... I gave the engine and surrounding areas a good clean in an attempt to see where the leak could be coming from and found that the...
  4. Your Corsa D
    Hi Guys, I seem to be having an issue with my opel corsa, seems to be leaking oil in a few places and not sure what to do? You can see more in the video below. Can someone please advise? Thank you.
  5. Mechanical
    Hi, I took my car (2009 Corsa 1.3 CDTi (diesel)) in for an MOT a week ago and was told it had an oil leak. Must've sprung recently because I check my oil levels often and they'd never dropped. Checked them after being told of the leak and the level is now at around 2/3 of the dipstick. The...
  6. Mechanical
    Hi, I need someone to help? I have a Corsa 2009 SXI 1.2L 98k miles which I have had a couple of months and everything was fine until recently it started with a problem. I have recently done a full service and changed the oil pressure light but not sure if it's that good as I got it from eBay...
1-6 of 6 Results