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  1. Your Corsa D
    Hi Guys, I seem to be having an issue with my opel corsa, seems to be leaking oil in a few places and not sure what to do? You can see more in the video below. Can someone please advise? Thank you.
  2. General Chat
    Good afternoon everyone, hope you're alright. I need help on this matter because the numbers of my Corsa alignment isn't right for me (image below - I'm from Portugal, sorry if are some words you don't understand, I translated just in case), although are in tolerance. Some time ago, I hit the...
  3. Modifications
    Hello everybody, our Opel Corsa D does not start and the car has just been towed from the ATU to Opel. The fan from the engine ran constantly and ate the battery empty and then the alarm system went on, according to the ADAC because the alarm system regards an empty battery as an attempted...
1-3 of 3 Results