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  1. Corsa D | Adding Steering Wheel Controls.

    Good Evening, I have just purchased a Ex-police Corsa D 2013 (1.3 CDTI If this makes any difference) and I Have repaired to broken vents ect as well as upgrading the interior lights and adding rear interior lights. The latest project I am on is fitting a PIoneer SPH-EVO62DAB Radio but my...
  2. NEED HELP!!! with Radio ( Pioneer MVH-A210BT )

    i brought a radio a couple months ago its a Pioneer MVH-A210BT and i can't find a face plate for it. i had Halfords try and fit it and they couldn't get it to fit flush with the rest of the dash. but i cant find the right one so i was hoping someone will be able to help me out with it. The car...