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  1. Interior
    Im looking at getting the Sony XAV-AX1000 head unit for my 2013 corsa d. I want prefer not to have to add a separate power cable and instead use a harness that does not require. Also what would I need to set up the steering controls. Can anyone suggest/help?
  2. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    So i have purchased this android stereo from pumpkin: and their support team told me to purchase this kit to fit it which i did...
  3. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    Hey Just Got My Leds And Away To Fit Them But Can Someone Tell Me If The Stereo In The Corsa C Is The Same As The Corsa D ? Cause Im Wiring Them To That So When I Put My Lights On The Footwell Leds Come On.
  4. Interior
    Hi, I have changed the stereo in my car and it has a piano black fascia but the other sections on the console are silver, should I change the console to piano black, I have the parts ordered but friends are telling me the silver looks better, I have seen pics of the black dash on here and...
  5. Interior
    Hi does anyone know where I could get the parts to replace the silver parts on the dash eg heater controls, air vents and stereo.