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  1. General Chat
    Hi, I have purchased the Sony XAV-AX100) and want to install it to Corsa D SXI(2010), however, the stereo didn't come with any fascia as it was second hand. I would really appreciate if you could advise me on what parts i would need and any challenges i might across whilst installing it or...
  2. General Chat
    Hey guys, I've recently scanned my 2010 Vauxhall Corsa D 1.2 SXI and got a faulty clutch switch error, this error only appears after driving on the motorway/dual carriageway for a while, which also causes the car to rev up by 500-1000rpm on every gear shift, clearing the error code fixes the...
  3. Modifications
    Hello everybody, our Opel Corsa D does not start and the car has just been towed from the ATU to Opel. The fan from the engine ran constantly and ate the battery empty and then the alarm system went on, according to the ADAC because the alarm system regards an empty battery as an attempted...
1-3 of 3 Results