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  1. Cars For Sale
    Selling my VXR Nurburgring edition Corsa 62 plate with 60750 miles. I haven't owned it long but I've just bought something else and it's not what I need at the moment. It's a great, fast little car and grips the road like glue. It appears to have had the exhaust box removed and the car...
    £6,495 GBP
  2. VXR General Chat
    Hi all, I bought a corsa D VXR yesterday. On the way home the AC pump seized causing the belt to snap etc. The garage have put a non AC belt on it until they get a AC pump. Now, however. I was doing 80ish mph in 6th gear. Started to accelerate a bit more and the car just stopped pulling and...
  3. VXR General Chat
    Hiya, new to the forum and new to the VXR Scene haha. Im just wondering are Corsa Vxr supposed to be quite noisy inside the car from road noises? Also are they supposed to feel quite stiff when driving? I have changed out front and rear shock absorbers with the mounts but left the original...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Full and complete 3” turbo back exhaust system built for a Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nurburgring Edition, it’s the version including the turbo downpipe with sports catalytic converter, non-resonated centre sections & rear silencer with twin adjustable 4” inverted slash cut tailpipes all manufactured...
    £895 GBP
  5. VXR General Chat
    Morning, Are there any Vauxhall breakers in the Nottingham area? I have a VXR but imagine most parts from other Corsa models would fit. Thanks Scott
  6. VXR General Chat
    Does anyone know how i find out what number my car is?? Its blue arden edition 2012. Just curious... thanks
  7. VXR General Chat
    All scorpions dealers are on back order. Has anyone on the off chance got a scorpion pre cat and de cat centre section for sale??
  8. General Chat
    I am a big fan of the VXR seats and I’ve seen a set for sake from the Corsa VXR 2014 but i was curious if anyone knows if these will fit in my Corsa D 2008?
  9. VXR General Chat
    Hi everyone this is my first time out here so bear with me please. my 2008 model corsa d vxr, 153000km on clock recently gave me problems. I replaced the engine about 3 months ago and everything was fine. I installed a cheap temp guage and ground it to the radio ground connection en powered it...
  10. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hey, Im Wonting To Get Some New Alloys For My Corsa D But Dont Know What Once To Get So Wondering What Other People Think About These Onces
1-10 of 12 Results