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  1. corsa d vxr throttle/alternator/ecu prob

    VXR General Chat
    Hi everyone this is my first time out here so bear with me please. my 2008 model corsa d vxr, 153000km on clock recently gave me problems. I replaced the engine about 3 months ago and everything was fine. I installed a cheap temp guage and ground it to the radio ground connection en powered it...
  2. Hello

    Newbies Lounge
    Hi everyone, I’m new here, hopefully some of you will help answer my question and give me some good advice cheers GreenBurg15
  3. Wondering What People Think About These ?

    Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hey, Im Wonting To Get Some New Alloys For My Corsa D But Dont Know What Once To Get So Wondering What Other People Think About These Onces