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Hi all,

Bit stumped by this one.

I have sat on my driveway my other halfs 2010 (just) pre-facelift CDTi Corsa. SE spec, nice thing, 102k on the clock.

It's a 1.3 95bhp model with the A13DTR engine. In it's life with us it has had:

1. A replacement, fully refurbished engine. Engine had a full strip down, new gaskets, cylinders honed, new headset, new head gasket, new rings, new big end bearings, oil pump and chain kit. It's basically brand new. This was installed in March this year and has done 3000 miles and had a running in service.
2. Every engine ancillary either replaced, cleaned and/or new gaskets installed. Things like the EGR and the
3. Off-car DPF clean
4. Injectors cleaned and copper seals replaced (on the old engine pre new engine install one of them was a bit wet however replacing the copper seals solved this)
4. A brand new turbo for the A13DTR with the variable vane adjuster
5. New MAP sensor (genuine Bosch)
6. New turbo vacuum actuator (the bit that sits above the radiator, genuine vauxhall)

It is now down on power and gives an engine underboost code P0299 when trying to make it boost. Clearing the code makes it go away and if you drive slowly it doesn't come back but give it come beans and towards 2.5/3k the spanner light comes back on, same code.

I have in the past had a recurring turbo position not learnt code P003a - however not sure if it's come back since replacing the turbo and the actuator. The P003a doesn't keep the spanner light on and if you didn't plug it in you wouldn't know it's there

I've got Vauxcom and my local garage have plugged it in (decent outfit look after our work vehicles, have a Autel I think) and advised me to change the boost sensor and pointed out the vacuum actuator which I did. They advised no DPF problems (it doesn't regen with the coil light flashing very often at all since the DPF clean) and no other codes apart from Engine Underboost.

I am at my wits end with this car however it owes me some money in the form of an engine and a turbo and I'd like to get it off my drive for some very cheap motoring as it has new tyres and 10 months MOT!

The DPF isn't reporting blocked, all sensor values within tolerance. It can cough ever so slightly on a cold cold startup which could point towards injectors I suppose but I'm loathed to throw £330 at a set of new injectors when I'm not 100% sure it'll fix it!

Any one got any bright ideas they'd like to share I'd be most appreciative!

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