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Hello, I put a post on a few months back about my corsa but I lost the account and never looked into it.

My car was perfectly fine before someone test drove it. He was going like a tw*at and went inTo first instead of whatever gear he was going for don’t ask how by it sounded like something snapped at first it wouldn’t go into any gear what so ever so I left it for the night and came back to it in the morning. Somehow it was driving again in every gear but would jump out of first and reverse now and again

Months later:
It is still jumping out of first a little when first setting off but reverse is the worse I have to hold the gear stick in place else it jumps out. The car runs amazing other then them two problems. Could it be the gearbox? Or something snapped to do with the stick? And it’s just not getting into gear enough?


This is it in reverse, it was never so far over if you get what I mean.
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