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Wife's 2011 Corsa D (1.2 petrol) just threw it's engine management light, so got the code reader and it had P0171 System too lean bank 1 and P0106 Manifold pressure performance issue.
I reset codes and started up, all fine, couldn't get it to throw codes again, until I turned A/C on, engine revs dropped almost stalling the car, then engine hunting like crazy, almost total stall then over-rev. Switched A/C back off again and it settled again.
I manually held revs higher and switched A/C back on, and again it dragged so much power out of the engine almost took 10,000rpm off the idle speed, so switched it off again quickly!

To me, looks like the a/c compressor compressor end has almost totally seized up, as the free-running shaft is fine when the clutch doesn't engage, as soon as a/c is switched on and clutch engages the engine gets dragged down.
This make sense? Am I looking at just replacing the A/C compressor and getting it re-gassed?

No squeaks or rumbles or anything like that I could hear when engaged though.

Am looking over ebay, and looks like I can take pot luck at one for £35-65 second hand, worth a go or am I likely to get one that'll last 5 minutes? (Don't want to go nearly 400 for one!)

Thanks in advance.
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