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My son reversed his Corsa into a object at very slow speeds. There's very minor damage to the rear of the bumper such that it can basically be ignored.

HOWEVER, it's clearly pushed the plastic bumper back such that's it's broken from its fixings where it meets a metal panel above the rear wheel arch. ie: Here (this is not the car in question):-

This has left the plastic section of the bumper (to the right of the join shown) standing proud about 2mm and not being flush which the metal panel it's meeting (to the left in the image). The plastic can be held/pushed back into position with only a modicum of force. It can be lifted up by about 1-2cm over its first 5cm or so up from the wheel arch.

Assuming the fixings have been snapped/broken around this area, what's the best way forward with this. In truth it's almost so minor it could be left, but it would be nice to get it back down flat again if only to stop stuff getting into the opening..

I'm tempted to phone a mobile repair service so see if they can simply glue it back down again?

Any advice welcome...
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