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New Shop Online

Due to Corsa-C|UK now being part of the UKCorsaNetwork along with Corsa-D|UK we have decided that it would be better to have a single shop that covers the whole Network.

This can be found here:

You will need to register as a member on their, just as you would on places like Amazon and ebay etc... as its a separate secure shop.

ALL future orders for any merchandise will be done via this new shop, this includes the current stickers that we sell along with the new stickers we have released. Show Tickets will also be on sale via the shop.

If you have any problems with the new shop then please contact myself or Mooresey via a PM on here or via one of the email addresses below:

Me: [email protected]
Mooresey: [email protected]

We hope you like the new shop and find it easier to use and more secure.

Darren :thumbs:
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