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Brad's Black SXi Progress Thead :)

A Lad's Playground - Corsa D Progress Thread :icon_razz:

When I first purchased my car in February it had the Vauxhall Sports Kit fitted from factory along with tinted windows and rear lenses.

I had my 3D Black Gel private plates transferred from my old V-Dub and they stand out much better on the D cause of the car colour.

One of the first things I decided to do was to get some HECO wind deflectors. I think they look awesome on the 3 door Corsa and especially on a black car.

Next step was to get rid of them nasty rubber peddles for some much nicer VXR ones.
I also decided to get some new genuine fitted Corsa D mats and get rid of the old rubber ones.

The old washer jets I found pretty ineffective so I fitted some Insignia ones but not too sure what to think of them yet. They give a good wide spread over the windscreen but also tend to wet everything else as well.

I decided to add some red LED’s to the reading lights.

My next step was to begin changing the exterior lights. I began by changing the number plate lights to pure white SMD’s and then the front fog lights. I purchased a HID kit from HID Direct (H7r 6000k) and fitted them to the dipped beam. One of my favourite MODs so far for practicability.

I still had my sub from my old car and decided to fit it for that extra bass. Nothing special but does the job with a build in amp so not bad all round.

My most recent modification was the fitting of my Powerflow exhaust. Liking it atm and doesn’t sound too bad from only a small engine but time will tell if I get fed up of it.

How it is currently...


1 - 20 of 29 Posts