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A Few Guidlines (aka The Rules)

This Section is for your Special Offers i.e One off deals/ Group Buys that only last a few days


1. Provide Full Prices when posting items on offer inc any P&P Costs
2. Provide Full Details or the product and pictures where possible
3. Contact Site staff for any issues that you feel infringes any of these rules
4. Trader Offers must have a minimum expiry of 14 Days.

1. Make a post in this section "asking" which offers members want.
2. Make posts in other Traders topics unless you are buying the goods.
3. De-Rail or Hijack another Traders offers.
4. Offer a product of the same brand at the same time as another trader UNLESS you/they have the item as a permanent offer.
5. Post an offer in this section that just links to your website and/or ebay - Use the Cars and/or Parts For Sale section.
6. Traders may NOT offer any more than 3 deals at any one time. A limited amount of offers means members can focus better on what's currently available.
7. Traders can NOT create new offers on the forum. Instead, your Offer post is to be PM'd to [user]Noonster[/user] or[user]Si[/user]. During their absence and/or holidays, arrangements will be made available. Details as and when necessary.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in trader status being removed and/or your account being suspended

*These Rules can be ammended at anytime without warning*
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Not open for further replies.