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my son has recently purchased a Black Edition, 50, 000 on the clock, which appears to be absolutely factory standard. The only slight issue is that the front end is defiantly not ‘stiff’, there is quite a dive on braking and a spongy feel on cornering. Rubbish cheap tyres are obviously not helping.

we have binned the crap budget tyres and put on a set of new Michelin Pilot Sport 4, which have defiantly improved the grip but not solved the dive and spongy handling.

The front shocks appear to be original with GM label 13399948/22275352 printed. The VX dealer said the numbers are meaningless and we wanted 95514409/08 as a pair at 92+ vat each.

Can anyone tell me if these are proper black editoin sports struts, which are stiffer than standard and special due to the 10mm lower ride night of the BE or just common to all Corsa D’s? This part number does appear against other models when searching online, especially the 1.2 diesel. We want to make sure we get back to proper stiff front end. As he is only 19, not sure we want to replace with Biltein B6, as these are not cheap either and may impact insurance, as the yellow colour I s a bit obvious!

aslo he wants to change the headlight dipped beams for LED ones, that can be adjusted for beam angle, we know these are available but not the cheapest, any reccomendatoins? we have replaced the DRL’s and the rear plates from Lush, but wanted to make sure we had proper dipped ones. Before anyone suggests, yes he does have OSRAAM Nightbreakers, and yes they have blown about every thousand miles or less/pothole/ massive current spike due to current draw rebound from the massive Sub in his boot! Hence the LED’s.
any advice appreciated.
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