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Good evening dear members.
I have a silly question about drivers side headlight bulb. So i had to change passangers side headlight bulb as it went out. I decided to change both of them.
So i did all the work. Put everything back in place but after i check if lights are working i noticed little difference in position of light bulbs..

When i look from front on my headlights then my passangers side headlight bulb is right in the middle how it should be.
But my drivers side bulb is positioned a bit to the passangers side. I tried to take it out and change position of it but with no success as it snaps only in one position inside the bulb holder no matter how i try.

Question is that should be like that or there is some problem with my holder?
Here is a picture attached so you can understand what im talking about.
Maybe im just dumb but its my first car so im just curious about it.
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