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I work away and currently stuck abroad, the wife self hand-washed the car and now it won't turn over. Initially, 5 minutes after washing she tried to start and the instrument cluster lights all flashed (making a fast tick-tick-tick-tick noise). I told her to leave it for 24 hours and now although the cluster steadily displays all lights, the car still refuses to turn over. Head lamps, rear lights, heating/cooling controls and the radio work, so it's not the battery. This happened last time as well but sorted itself the next day.

She's not washing the engine bay! Just a regular soapy scrub followed by a few buckets of water. Weather where we live is average, yesterday a bit of sun, today so far cloudy. I'll add that the car is on the driveway which has a slight slope up (nothing major). We don't experience such issues when we get car washes done from outside but that could be because the engine is always started, or maybe it's the slope?

I suspect water is seeping into some crevice where it ends up standing and soaking some component. But what can it be? Where are the obvious places to check?

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