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I have a problem with my corsa D 1.3 cdti that when I'm turning or circling in roundabouts it kicks in abs, tc or esc, I don't know which, but I feel car loosing control like its going to spin. I maintain the speed and the turning angle and the car corrects the route and it goes left and right without changing the turning angle. I apologize if I'm not being clear on explaining my problem but it's so strange what's happening.

here is a link to a file with live data from abs sensors and one thing I've noticed it's that wheel speed sensors does not have the same speed readings lots of times and some valves become active without put foot on brake pedal.

Can someone help please? Could it be the abs/speed sensors?

One more thing... a complete service was done 100km ago, oil, shafts, joints, tie rods all checked and changed. ABS hydraulics also changed and no problems when braking hard. EPS checked and no problems. The only problem was ecu reporting 60º of left turning with steering wheel centered but that was reset with a proper diagnose machine.

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