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Hi guys

Hoping to find some help with my corsa.

I've been having a problem for over a year now with intermittent no starts where turning the key cranks and the revs reach around 1k before the engine cuts out and I get a no start.

I've been taking it to a garage who have noticed in this time that the battery was knackered so replaced it. Then over the course of time all my glow plugs have been replaced. I also had a new crank sensor in an attempt to fix the issue.

None of this worked and then only a couple of weeks ago the car wouldn't start at all, turning the key would just cause a sound like it was trying to crank and turn but it would fail.

I had to get recovery to the garage who found the EML gave EGR fail code. It has been replaced but the intermittent fail is still happening.

I managed to take it to my pals for some MOT parts to be done, but he had issues starting it the next day. He disconnected and reconnected the battery and said this meant it started first time.

I got it from his to mine fine, it started the next few times just fine and we thought maybe the disconnecting battery wiped the code of the EGR fault if it hadn't been wiped properly.

Sadly the other day I took the car on a few errands. First short journey to amazon lockers and restarting, it fails to start.

I attempt a few more times and keeps failing.

I find if I remove the keys and wait for around 5 minutes that it will usually start fine.

I managed to get to doctors and to the garage, then home without any problem.

The garage have me booked in for wednesday to have another look and are wondering if it's carbon build up in MAF, Turbo or DPF.

I just wonder if it really is a carbon build up issue? surely if carbon has built up, then it would fail start all the time and not just randomly?

Most annoying can be a short trip to a station to get diesel and then the car not starting, it can happen more often than not. Nothing worse than people seeing you've filled up and paid and you're not leaving...I've had some unhappy drivers behind me!

I'm running out of ideas but question if it's an electrical issue rather than mechanical? As when it's running it runs fine.

My pal who's a mechanic visually inspected the injectors and said they look ok but obviously no way of knowing internally.

I wonder if it's a starter motor, ignition issue or if there could just be a loose wire somewhere.

I've got some DPF cleaner and going to give the car a hard drive at 2500 to 3000 revs for half n hour on the motorway and see what happens.

Anyone had this same issue? Or have any advice?
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