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Hi, most of us know the glove box is very small on the Corsa model, however at night it is useful to find keys etc.

Very few seem to have come up with a solution, so I made this short clip.

1 buy used Glove Box light from online auctions, make sure it has a short lead with plug, so it can be extended as (youtube vid).

2 Make the connections up first, so when it comes to fitting everything is to hand.

3 Remove glove box 4 torque screws.

4 Remove the top section of passenger side door seal, pass the double insulated wire into the headlining, up the passenger pillar.

5 Remove the cab light, draw the new live wire from the door pillar using a thin draw wire, fold the end over so it doesn't snag.

6 Connect to the festoon bulb as (youtube vid).

7 Connect the black to the car body behind the glove box.

8 If the glove box and cab light become dim, move the red wire to the other end of the cab light festoon bulb.

You should now have a working glove box light, which is automatically timed to go off, as does your existing cab light.

Good luck if you have a go, take your time to prepare everything first.
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