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Hy guys, my name is Luis Chaveiro and I'm from Portugal :)

This it's my Corsa the "Unwanted Corsa", yes, because when i bought it what I really wanted was a Fiesta, but when I saw the cars I found the Fiesta with poor construction quality and finishes... as the previous car was a Clio 2 and I was already a substantial bit of electrical problem, poor fitting and poor quality material... went to Opel.

Assistance was also taken into account and so far I have had good feedback from Opel Assistance (availability, parts value, etc).

A general photo of the Corsa:

The Corsa came without CB and only with a CD30 radio so I bought a GID and a CD30Mp3 radio:

I also fitted an Bluetooth module and a USB/AUX/SD Card reader:

The micro for the mobile phone:

The other day I bought the Corsa GTC steering wheel with the controls but I have a problem, I don't have the pre installation made, can anyone give some help about this? :(

The next mods it's the original 16" GTC wheels, tyres, and a set of H&R Cup Kit.
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