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hi all :yes:

right thought to share this with you,if you are wanting to put a spare
wheel in ya boot then this is the cheapest way to do it,all you will need
to get is ya spare wheel and a jack/tools,you wont need a new carpet
as the shelf is for using it at a lower level to get more space in the boot.

1. firstly remove the wheel well carpet as in piccy below or you cud
always leave it in place and cut the bit out at the back to fit wheel in.

2. then fit ya spare wheel and ya jack etc into the wheel well,and then
using the existing shelf in the piccy below lower it to the lower level as it
shows in the last piccy and then also it will give you loads more boot
space,then there ya go you have ya spare wheel and also ya wheel
shelf cover without paying out for a new carpet.

3.piccy below is after the wheel is fitted and the shelf sits right over the wheel on lower level

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